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A lawyer for your Legal Solution.

We promote a social integration between people of all nationalities. We offer solutions in the field of International Law: Immigration Law, stay permit, international protection and family reunification. We work also in Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law and Civil Law.

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SpT experts in legal advice

Our Association aims to promote social integration between EU and non-EU citizens, pursuing the general interest of the community. Thanks to a team of young and competent lawyers, SpT offers solutions to the problems of all those persons who need a Legal Advice, such as: assistance in procedures related to immigration and in the procedure for the issue of a Visa Schengen and renewal or conversion of the stay permit. In relation to the position of foreign family members, SpT offers an help to the stipulation of employment contracts and in relation to taxes such as IMU, TASI, RED, ISEE.

Fix your legal issues and become a citizen with full rights.

Soluzione per Tutti takes advantage of a team of lawyers and professional experts in several branches of law.


Our legal consultancy for the following services: release, renewal or updates of Residence Permits, compiling all residence card documents, carta blue EU requests regarding international protection for humanitarian reasons.

Work and Family

For everyone a solution in matter of: employment contract, full or part-time contract expectation, pratiche INPS, workplace-related accident or disease, nullaosta per lavoro, RED, legal disability. Family reunification, bonus bebè

Tax Advice

Partita IVA activation for private or public firms, modello UNICO for Snc and Sas, SRL/SPA companies (LTD and SA companies), modelli 730, accounting management, balance for buste paga F24 (payroll F24), opening CCIAA registration, inizio attività SCIA, DURC. Consultancy for Chamber of Commerce’s paperwork, for all the acts and financial statement copies, brand local and international registration.

Administrative and real estate advice

Real Estate contract registration, rental, buying and selling real estate properties, certificati catastali in bollo, mappa catastale outcome, rettifica e variazione catastale, visura storica, legal compliance at Municipality of Rome. Lodging of procedural documents in Conservatoria, real estate registration, inspection visure ipotecarie. Management and release of lease and loan contracts.

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